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Careers Guidance

Everyone aspires to create a stronger, fairer society in which people from all backgrounds can realise their potential. To facilitate this, a thriving careers programme, that is accessible to all, is fundamental. The recently introduced careers strategy, Making the Most of Everyone’s Skills and Talents, aims to support everyone, to go as far as their talents will take them. We want everyone to have an opportunity to build a rewarding career.

Our Aim at West Moors Middle School

Our aim is to build on Gatsby Principles so that every Year 7 and 8 student at our school should have knowledge of their own strengths and be able to link these strengths to possible future education and career opportunities.

Why consider careers at middle school age?

- Students are now having to make decisions on GCSE options in Year 9 - their first year in upper school. We want to prepare students for these decisions in good time, so they have time to reflect on their options.

- Students who have thought about their possible career destination are more likely to be motivated to work their best and achieve in their chosen area.

- Even for those who do not wish to make choices yet, considering their future prospects encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and discuss their future with parents and/ or carers.

- Students understand how to apply for a job and to consider the attributes and qualities employers may look for.

The careers plan at West Moors Middle School sets out how the school intends to provide a careers programme, which will provide all pupils with the knowledge, inspiration and ability to take ownership of their own career plans. It aims to challenge perceptions and raise aspirations so that subject choices and career choices are free from gender bias. The plan should encourage pupils to look beyond their current environment and to help pupils investigate new and exciting career possibilities.

The school undertakes the following careers-related activities:

- We coordinate our careers provision with upper schools to ensure we compliment what they do. Ferndown Upper School provide an excellent, annual day of Careers advice.

- Key stage 3 pupils have a visit from Bournemouth University to discuss FE and Degree level courses. This is followed-up by our University visit for our vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils where they might not otherwise consider this an option.

- We provide opportunities for employers to visit the school to provide students with experiences of the world of work.

- We organise visits to employers for groups of students.

- We provide opportunities for local further education establishments to visit the school, to give students a clearer idea of the education options available to them in the future.

- We point out the relevance of what we teach in the classroom to the world of work, especially for the STEM subjects of Science, Design Technology and Maths.

- Curriculum Intent and implementation - careers education as an integral part of our PSHE lessons.

Year 7 Entitlement  Year 8 Entitlement

Recommended tools for helping students and parents with career choices:







Curriculum Map

In 2019/20,  we have worked with the curriculum leads in pyramid schools to develop our 'Big Ideas' curriculum, ensuring that the key skills and essential knowledge we have identified permeate our curriculum from year 5 to year 8, allowing our pupils to make links in their learning as well as develop the ability to think more deeply about what they are learning. In this respect, pupils’ learning is meaningful and purposeful, and designed in a range of contexts, which offer breadth and variety to their learning.

Big Ideas Curriculum

The Career's Leader is Mrs Cope. She can be contacted via office@westmoorsmid.dorset.sch.uk or by telephoning the school office on 01202  872474. 

The next Careers review is due in July 2020.