Welcome to West Moors Middle School. Best middle school results in Dorset for Greater Depth: 33% (compared with an average of 21% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Writing. and 26% (compared with an average of 22% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Maths. Virtual Open Event- Thinking about your child joining us in September 2021? Please visit our Admissions page to view our virtual tours.

Chameleon HQ

The rationale behind Chameleon HQ is to provide children who have Complex Communication Needs with a place to flourish and maximise their potential in all ways. It is a provision that is designed to ensure the needs of the children are prioritised, with the learning and experiences being personalised, as much as possible, to fit each individual child. The well-being, resilience and independence of the students is key to the ethos that underpins the environment in Chameleon HQ.

How does it work?

The West Moors Middle staff and Chameleon team, alongside a variety of other professionals (specialist advisory teacher, speech & language therapist, occupational therapist, educational psychologist),  work to raise the student’s self-esteem first and foremost; the initial focus is on each child’s emotional well-being. We seek ways for them to achieve, be proud and build resilience in numerous academic and non-academic ways, gaining skills that can then be transferred into their curriculum learning.

Our primary aim is to enable our students to feel safe, successful and happy at school. To enjoy experiences within an educational establishment and feel that they have people that they can trust and rely on. Once that happens, they are in a better place to learn and are more prepared to try new or tricky things (and sometimes not succeed at first). It is our strong belief that children need to be ‘ready to learn’, in an emotional and physical way, in order to make good academic progress. To develop readiness to learn, we focus on social communication skills, emotional and sensory regulation, social thinking and positive, effective communication strategies.

Teachers and LSAs design learning opportunities using a suitably differentiated National Curriculum which will identify any gaps in children’s learning and seek to build on prior knowledge to address misconceptions and strengthen understanding. Learning is developed through multi-sensory approaches using a range of visual, kinaesthetic and auditory methods to best suit the individual child’s learning style.

The provision is designed to support access to mainstream lessons, when this is seen as appropriate. Depending on the situation, this may take place with the student attending lessons on their own or with a trusted member of staff. Sometimes they will attend for the lesson input then return to Chameleon HQ to complete their work in a more tailored environment and with additional support. Other times they may stay for the whole lesson. Often children will be attending lessons having completed some pre-learning so that they will be entering the classroom with a higher level of confidence and fewer anxieties. There will also be opportunities for consolidation work to take place after they have attended lessons. We aim to build up to students attending mainstream classes for 80% of the time and spending 20% of the time in Chameleon HQ, however, this may be a very gradual process for some and more rapid for others. Every decision will be tailored around the individual needs of each student.

Gaining a place in Chameleon HQ is a decision made through local authority SEN panels. A student must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) with complex communication needs identified as their primary need. Visits to the provision are welcomed by prior arrangement but admission is decided by a local authority panel and subject to the availability of places.

The four year overview of the curriculum for those children who spend most of their time in Chameleon HQ is:


4 Year Topic Overview

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


Autumn 1





All About Me



The time of my life




Autumn 2

Friends and family



Britain since 1948



Stories from long ago



Faraway Places




Spring 1


Fairgrounds – Feel the force



Green Fingers



Bright Ideas - inventions



All creatures great and small



Spring 2






Summer 1



Where we live



What a wonderful world



Where in the world?






Summer 2


Seas and oceans






The rainforest

In 2020/21 we are following Year 1 of our four year cycle. Below is a more detailed outline of the chidren's learning this academic year. 

Area of learning

Termly Overview




Communication and Language

Functional communication across environments,

Social Communication.

Speaking and Listening.

Speech and Language Therapy programmes.


English - Reading

MyOn, Accelerated Reader, Weekly reading comprehensions

Daily class books


English - GPS

Grammar, Punctuation and spelling



English - Writing

Narrative stories characters, settings,

Persuasive writing and Advertising

Reports / News/Magazines



Information and travel writing







Counting, calculating and Money

Measuring, Length, Weight, Capacity & Data


Time and Fractions

Counting, calculating and Money

2D Shapes

Pattern and Relationships

Counting, calculating and Money

Problem Solving

Position and Direction

Understanding the World

  • Science


  • Design Technology


  • Geography/History


  • RE

Life Cycles

Animals and Humans


Earth and Space

Properties of Materials


Classes alternate between the year developing and experiencing Food Technology skills, Designing Making and Evaluating, Sewing, Construction and Safety.


Friends & Family



Where we live

Seas & Oceans

Focus on celebrations/festivals throughout the year. Educational visits to religious buildings and sites. Learn and explore stories and traditions from different religions and faiths.

Expressive Arts and design

Exploring and developing ideas related to the term’s topic using a range of techniques and media in 2D and 3D including: painting, collage, print making, textiles, sculpture and digital media. Working individually and with others.

Artist of the week

Role play / Drama


Personal, Social and Emotional Development Life skills

Kitchen safety, Healthy eating, Cooking , Daily exercise , Seasonality of foods

Using money – trips

Personal Safety and Well-Being (including e-safety and anti-bullying)

E-safety lessons within computing ABA Anti-bullying week and ‘purple’ day

Daily Zumos


School nurse visits


Wonder of West Moors (WOW events)

European day of Languages

House Day

Christmas Concert

Internet Safety Day

House Sports Day

School Production

Whole School Theatre Trip

Chameleon HQ Blog