Welcome to West Moors Middle School. Best middle school results in Dorset for Greater Depth: 33% (compared with an average of 21% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Writing. and 26% (compared with an average of 22% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Maths.

Chameleon HQ Blog


We have been using minecraft in our maths lessons to work out arrays and immerse the children in the lesson more fully. Mr Davies created a minecraft world full of maths problems for the children to solve and the children then spent time attempting this.




The children have been engaging in Myon as a reading scheme. The website supports the children with their reading fluency and then tunes up their comprehension skills by asking questions at the end of each text.





In topic we have been learning about volcanos. The children have spent time researching where there are volcanoes, what are the different types of volcanos and the most disruptive volcanos in the history of the world. As well as this, we have been creating our own volcanos and trying to make them explode. To end this topic, we wrote a newspaper report about a freak volcano that emerged on the field at WMMS! The children donned their reporter hats and created a very professional report which were very realistic.




This term, the children have been learning to cook with Mrs Day and Mrs Michalski. They have made some wonderful dishes and have explored many sweet and savoury treats. So far, the class favourites have been cheese and bacon flavoured sausage rolls, triple chocolate muffins and baked cheese cake.



This was Mr Davies’s least favourite lesson! The children had to persuade Mr Davies to eat whatever was in the secret box. It just so happened to be CAT FOOD! The children to great pleasure in creating amazing pieces of very imaginative writing persuading him to eat this feline foods! They then took even greater pleasure in watching him struggle through the entire tin of food.