Welcome to West Moors Middle School. Best middle school results in Dorset for Greater Depth: 33% (compared with an average of 21% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Writing. and 26% (compared with an average of 22% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Maths. Virtual Open Event- Thinking about your child joining us in September 2022? Please visit our Admissions page to view our virtual tours.

Governors - What we do

The Governing Body at West Moors Middle School has a strategic function, while the headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school:

We establish the strategic direction of the school by setting the school's values and objectives.  We agree the school strategy including its priorities and targets, and we ensure that statutory duties are met.  We support and challenge the headteacher.

We ensure accountability to the children, their parents and our community by appointing the headteacher, and by monitoring the educational performance of the school and progress towards agreed targets.

We ensure financial probity, by setting the budget and monitoring spending, ensuring that value for money is obtained and ensuring risks are managed.

We meet regularly: all governors attend Full Governing Body meetings once a month to discuss:

  • Standards & Improvements:  focused on ensuring accountability
  • Resources:  focused on ensuring financial probity


The Board of Governors at West Moors Middle School abides by the school’s ethos, to be the best that we can be.  Specifically, we:

  • Understand the school’s strengths and weaknesses, and work with the Senior Leadership Team to evaluate performance.
  • Strive for the best possible outcomes for the children and the school.
  • Uphold the Seven Principles of Public Life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership.


Our Governors have responsibilities linked to the following specific areas at school:

Chair of Governors:    Derek Brooks

Vice Chair:   Ron Cox

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Pupil Premium & CCN Base: Ron Cox

Safeguarding: Lynne Anderson

Health & Safety: VACANT (Jan 21)

Finance:  Andrew Kerby

English:  Joanne Marten (Reading) and Clematine Pestell (Writing)

Maths: Derek Brooks

Science: Lewis Harding

We don't:

  • Deal with issues with a particular parental communication
  • Deal with issues one parent has with their child’s progress in a subject

We do:

  • Consider how the school could improve its overall communication with parents
  • Hold the school to account for the progress of all children in their learning across all subjects


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