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Premium Funding Reports

The School Information Regulations 2012 require publishing of our Premium funding data. This can be found below:

Academic Year 2021/22

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2022

Academic Year 2020/21

Evidencing the Impact of the Covid Catch Up Premium 

Evidencing the Impact of the Pupil Premium Strategy 

Primary PE and Sports Premium

From 2013, all state sector primary schools nationally, have received Government funding to promote high quality sustainable PE & Sports provision within both curricular & extra-curricular settings.

West Moors Middle School is committed to ensuring that this invaluable source of funding is allotted to areas of the PE & Sports programme that guarantee the further raising of Subject Co-Ordination management and professional teaching standards; increased resourcing and learning opportunities for our pupils. Other outcomes that we wish to subsequently address are:

  • Evidence of healthier lifestyles
  • Improved physical fitness levels
  • Enhanced pupil confidence and application to other academic subjects

The school applies the following DfE Vision Statement to the core of all planned initiatives associated with the Premium:

All pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport’

  The School adheres to the published guidelines so as to ensure additional and

  sustainable improvements to PE and Sport thereby using the Premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
  • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

   The school addresses progress in accordance with the nationally prescribed five 

  indicators that are:

  • -the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity - the Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that all children and young people aged 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school
  • the profile of PE and sport is raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement
  • -increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • -increased participation in competitive sport

 Link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pe-and-sport-premium-for-primary-schools

The School also complies with meeting the statutory requirement, as instructed by DfE and HMI, to ensure that information on the use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium is made available to parents on its school website. Whilst accountability rests with all schools by way of how the funding is spent, it is the case that all schools must annually provide online evidence of actual spend and long-term impact based upon the following areas:

  • the amount of premium received
  • a full breakdown of how it has been spent (or will be spent)
  • the impact the school has seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
  • how the improvements will be sustainable in the future

   Link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pe-and-sport-premium-for-primary-schools

To read our annual report, please see: 

Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium


Academic Year 2019/20

Strategy 2019-20 PDF

Year 7 Catch up plan

Sports Premium 2019-20


Pupil Premium and Free School Meals

You may be aware that the government introduced 'The Pupil Premium Grant' in April 2011 and schools are allocated additional funding into their school budget. The premium provides funding specifically for children from low income families who have registered. The purpose of the grant into schools is to raise achievement and improve outcomes for these children. In common with most schools it is likely that a number of parents/carers whose children attend West Moors Middle School fail to claim Free School Meals (FSMs) which is part of the Pupil Premium Grant, even though they are entitled to them.

As the school will receive additional funding based on the number of children who receive FSMs I am writing to all parents and carers to ask them, if they believe that they may be entitled to claim for their children and do not already do so, to make a claim. As I am sure you will agree the children at our school can only benefit if we are able to attract additional funding. Not only that, our catering team provides an excellent range of healthy lunch options that are enjoyed daily by a significant number of our pupils. Your child may well be able to access these free of charge.

At West Moors Middle School we use the grant in a number of ways, whilst ensuring it is carefully targeted for those eligible children in order to help them achieve their potential both academically and socially. The main ways we spend the money are:

  • to fund or part-fund the provision of Learning Support Assistants for individuals, small groups and classes to help children to achieve their academic potential.

  • to fund the provision of Learning Support Assistants support for non-academic interventions to help increase self-esteem, develop social skills, improve relationships, confidence etc.

  • to subsidise extra-curricular activities, visitors and performers to school.

  • to fund the provision of specific resources to support and improve achievement.

Your child may be eligible for Free School Meals as part of the Pupil Premium Grant.

If you think that your income is low and you receive any of the benefits listed below, then please speak to Mrs. Wallis in the School Office who will be able to advise you on how to apply for Free School Meals (Pupil Premium Funding).

  • Income support

  • Employment and Support Allowance

  • Child Tax Credit with an annual income of less than £16,190 without Working Tax Credit (as assessed by HMR&C)

  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit

  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.