Welcome to West Moors Middle School. Best middle school results in Dorset for Greater Depth: 33% (compared with an average of 21% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Writing. and 26% (compared with an average of 22% across all schools in Dorset) of children attained Greater Depth in Maths.


West Moors Middle School (PAN: 216), uses the local authority arrangement for School Admissions. The agreement is mindful of national requirements supporting all young people, including those who are disabled, in a fair and non-discriminatory way, when securing admission to school. In addition to this West Moors Middle School makes appropriate reasonable adjustments to accommodate those who are disabled. Where adaptations are required to support physical or medical needs, the school liaises with health services and parents / carers to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to meet individual medical conditions. More information can be found in the Local Offer information held on the Local Authority’s website (www.dorsetforyou.com/local-offer)

Admissions to WMMS:


Additional information can be found at: http://moderngov.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/Data/252/201804041000/Agenda/Appendix%202%201.pdf