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West Moors Middle School



Ofsted aims to improve lives by raising standards in education and children’s social care. They inspect and regulate thousands of organisations and individuals providing education, training and care – from childminders to training providers, schools to local authorities, reporting their findings directly to Parliament, parents, carers and commissioners.

To give you a flavour of our school, here are some of the quotes from our last Ofsted report, following their inspection of our school on 1st-2nd February 2022.

  • Leadership

Leaders have high aspirations. Their vision is that all pupils will be ‘the best that they can be’. Pupils rise to this challenge. Leaders and staff help pupils to feel safe and have respectful relationships…” and “Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum.”

  • Behaviour:

“School reward systems and sanctions motivate pupils to behave well and to work hard…”,  “Older pupils contribute to school life by being digital leaders, librarians and prefects…” and “Pupils behave well and value the reward system.”

  • Welfare:

“Pupils thrive at school…”; “Pupils say that the school is a ‘Telling School’, meaning that staff encourage them to share any worries they have in a way that suits them. Pupils feel safe at school…”; “There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their interests and skills. Pupils enjoy the range of school clubs on offer. They particularly enjoy the opportunities to learn outdoors…”; and “A culture of valuing and respecting each other leads to strong relationships between staff and pupils.”

  • Teaching and Learning:

 “The school promotes reading well. Pupils enjoy the books that they read and feel motivated to read…”; “It is clear what pupils need to learn and when. This means that pupils successfully develop their knowledge well over time…”; and “Learning builds on what pupils already know. This means that pupils are ready for their next steps in learning. Support given to those who need it ensures that they progress well through the curriculum. Assessment systems clearly identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge.”