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West Moors Middle School


Year 7

Welcome to Year 7!

This year is going to be a lot of fun, learning and hard work! I can’t wait for us to settle into our routines and make some amazing memories together. Mr Der and Mr Malone are the Y7 Tutors. On this page, you will find information about Year 7 news, curriculum information, photos to capture our learning and much more…

Our Class Country

We will also be learning all about our adopted country – Iran. We will investigate the sport & cultural aspects of Iran.


Throughout the year, children will learn approximately 5 model texts.


Revise basic punctuation (subject+ verb rule), and extend sentence structure. Select vocabulary to engage the reader. Weave fact and fiction to entertain.


Continue to extend sentence structure. 3rd person character description, 1st person perspective writing, discursive essay and class debate. Develop analysis of text – use PEE and some critical terminology.


Further extend and vary sentence structure. 3rd person journalistic writing showing bias. Continue to develop analysis of text  


Further extend and vary sentence structure.1st person perspective writing from differing viewpoints. Further develop analysis of text – use PEE and some critical terminology.


Analysis of poetry – use PEE and critical terminology. Write and perform own poetry.

Year 7 Suggested Reading

100 best books for 9-11 year-olds here from the book trust: 

100 best books for 12-14 year-olds here from the book trust:  


In Year 7, we place emphasis on using a Maths Mastery approach, we strive to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We follow White Rose which encompasses the ethos that every child can succeed in maths. Resilience underpins our values at West Moors Middle School and by building confidence within maths results in an overall enjoyment and success in the subject.

To find out more and the White Rose approach, please visit

The current scheme of work for Y7 over the three terms is thus:

Algebraic thinking


Understanding & using algebraic notation

Equality & equivalence

Place Value & proportion

Place value & ordering decimals & integers

Fraction, decimal & percentage equivalence

Applications of Number

Solving problems with addition & subtraction

Solving problems with multiplication & division

Directed Number

Four operations with directed number

Fractional thinking

Addition & subtraction of fractions

Lines & Angles

Constructing, measuring & using geometric notation

Reasoning with number

Developing number sense

Sets & probability

Prime numbers & proof

We ask all parents to support children with learning their times tables at home; this is key to children being successful as Mathematicians. All children have a log in for Times Table Rockstars, please visit, which outlines the benefits of times table recall speed for your child.

We also require all students to be ready to learn. This means arriving in the classroom with suitable tools such as pens, pencils, ruler and a rubber.



Year 7 will launch their music curriculum with the study of medieval music, learning how the musical instruments have developed since medieval times and learning to play the Theme from Blackadder on the keyboard and composing a historical fact rap. The vibrant rhythms of Brazil will be explored as we learn how to play percussive Samba and we will rework a Christmas song to give it a Samba beat.

Extending keyboard skills we will compare different James Bond film themes to discover musical devices and learn to play the original Monty Norman 007 theme.

Our great composer is Modest Mussorgsky and we will focus on ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and ‘The Old Castle’ in a cross-curricular topic before enjoying a musical production.