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A Parent’s Guide to Swimming Pool Safety & Hygiene– Key information for all parents and carers on the importance of children learning how to swim; pool safety; and pool hygiene


Private fostering

What is private fostering?

Private fostering is when a child under the age of 16 (or 18 if disabled) lives with someone for 28 days or more who is not a: 

  • close relative such as a grandparent, sibling, uncle or aunt or step-parent
  • guardian
  • person with parental responsibility

The parent/s and the private foster carer would make this arrangement, not the local council.

Why may someone private foster?

Private fostering can if happen if the child or young person:

  • has parents who live overseas and they come to this country to attend school
  • has parents who are ill and cannot look after them
  • has been estranged from their families
  • is attending language schools and staying with host families

Find out more on the Coram BAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy website.


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