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West Moors Middle School


Year 8

In Year 8, the children study a variety of literature, such as:

  • Erika’s story – transition unit Holocaust
  • Of Mice & Men
  • Protest Literature
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Through the study of a broad range of literature, our Year 8s exposed to numerous literary devices, such as: pathetic fallacy, foreshadowing, alliteration and sibilance. Importantly, we have chosen a selection of texts that build cultural capital, linking to significant moments in history, from 1929’s Great Depression to the Civil Rights movement.

Accelerated Reader: As a school, we subscribe to Accelerated Reader, which is an amazing reading programme designed to promote a love for reading and increased independence. This programme is a fantastic tool to nurture ‘reading for pleasure’ amongst all our children, combined with support from teachers, school librarians and comprehension interventions.


In Year 8, we place emphasis on using a Maths Mastery approach, we strive to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. We follow White Rose which encompasses the ethos that every child can succeed in maths. Resilience underpins our values at West Moors Middle School and by building confidence within maths results in an overall enjoyment and success in the subject.

To find out more and the White Rose approach, please visit


Over the course of year 8, the children will be taken on a journey through three science specialisms, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The children started the autumn term by studying food and nutrition, combustion, plants and reproduction and finally the periodic table.

During the spring term we have been concentrating on light, breathing and respiration, energy transfer and unicellular organisms.

  • The children has enjoyed many experiments including modelling an asthma attack using balloons and straws while measuring the difference in time for air intake.  
  • They have enjoyed finding out if height has any correlation to lung capacity.
  • They have enjoyed watching demonstration on lung and heart investigation
  • We have used Bunsen burners and iron rods to help us understand rates of conductivity
  • Last but by no means least we have looked at the convection process, using coloured dye to represent hot and cold air

Polite reminder

We do require children to be ready to learn. This means arriving to the classroom with their equipment, pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler and rubber.

Useful Science websites:

  • org
  •– bitesize for interesting science and most other topics at KS3
  • com– Bill Nye the science guy
  • com
  • edu– a variety of science resources
  • com
  • com
  •– NASA
  •– webcams of animals at Edinburgh zoo

Residential Trips

In the Summer term, our Year 8’s have the opportunity to visit Buddens Activity Centre, a stunning 96 acre site full of land and water based activities and space to spare. The trip is organised in conjunction with Rockley Adventure, whose activity centres are licensed in the UK by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA). The programme of activities will include the likes of Climbing, Zip Wire, Jacobs Ladder, Leap of Faith, MEGA SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Archery and Axe Throwing to name just a few.