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Children at West Moors Middle School enjoy music and there are many opportunities for them to immerse themselves in creative music making. Every child has the chance to develop their creativity, imagination and performance skills in Music. Lessons are delivered once a week and during this time, all children will learn how to appreciate music by listening, playing and composing. Music is a practical subject so the learning of it is fun and energetic and pupils quickly become confident and enthusiastic about composing and performing. Children create music individually, in pairs and small groups and they learn musicianship skills in every lesson. They are all encouraged to grow as musicians individually and at their own pace with tasks differentiated to ensure children of all abilities are engaged and challenged.

The curriculum at West Moors Middle enables children to develop their musical skills, reflecting on the changing and evolving of music in everyday life making their musical learning relevant to them.

Many children learn an instrument at West Moors Middle School and we have talented and inspiring Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs), who provide tuition in Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion as well as piano, guitar and singing. These lessons take place during school time. Our VMTs work incredibly hard and the quality of the music heard in our school concerts demonstrates this. Children are also encouraged to enter music examinations, which provide them with performance opportunities and a real sense of achievement.

We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs for the many Musicians here at West Moors Middle and they take part during lunch times, Tutor times and after school. All children are encouraged to take part in Orchestra and Concert Band as soon as they are confident reading the level of music that is played. This gives pupils important ensemble experience and the opportunity to take part in concerts, solo events, trips and representing the school in the community.

There are also many opportunities to perform throughout the school year, including our Christmas Carol Concert and annual School Production.

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Useful Music Websites

Click on each musical instrument to learn more about its history and how it sounds. Explore brass, woodwind, and string instruments.

Learn to identify the different notes on a musical staff by playing this game.

These interactive activities are a fun way to learn about musical score composition, chords, and scales.

Add instruments to the staff, then hit the play button to hear your composition. Experiment with different rhythms and combinations of instruments to create different sounds.

Identify the right note and click it as fast as you can!