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As the National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages states, it is vital our pupils celebrate and welcome differences in our world. By introducing and exposing our pupils to another language and culture i.e. Spanish, they will have a deepened ability to show respect and play a valuable part in our global society. Through our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum, we aim to inspire a love of languages as part of their lifelong journey of learning.  

We will be undertaking a Penpal project with Ferndown Upper School, so pupils can develop a meaningful and exciting use for their Spanish! 

The WMMS MFL curriculum provides pupils with a strong foundation for their Spanish language studies. The three pillars of language learning: Vocabulary, Grammar and Phonics, as set out by OFSTED, are delivered through a stimulating variety of topics which pupils can personalise. Key Stage 2 focuses on introducing pupils to the key sounds and vocabulary in Spanish following the twelve National Curriculum objectives, offering an inclusive, enjoyable and varied experience. Key Stage 3 consolidates and builds on KS2 topics, grammar and vocabulary, recycling and interleaving knowledge and skills for students to progress in their Spanish; reflect on their language learning strategies and acquire the foundations for learning another language in their upper schools or future studies/careers. Each KS3 half-term unit includes:

A Sentence Builder modelling the target constructions, with graded vocabulary-building activities. Language Gym is the main ICT platform for KS3 Spanish.

Listening, reading, speaking and writing activities (targeting spelling, vocabulary, syntax, editing, communicating) focusing on meaning and key structures.

Assessment: self-assessment; peer-assessment; teacher formative and summative assessments.

MFL provision will include a film project for each year group and integrate Spanish culture in lessons and European Day of Languages.

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KS2 Bitesize Spanish games- click here

KS3 Bitesize Spanish games- click here

UK Language Gym